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Guardians of the Serene Deep

Deep Sea

Guardians of the Serene Deep

In the depths where light fades slow, Jellyfish in gentle glow,

Their dance a silent, radiant show, In waters where peace can grow.

With tendrils soft, they drift in grace, Through tranquil waves,

they find their place, A symphony of colors bright, In the ocean’s soft embrace.

Oh, gentle beings of the sea, Your beauty whispers calm to me,

In your serene, ethereal light, I find the strength to believe, to see.

Amidst the silent, rolling tides, With you, my spirit gently glides,

Together, we preserve this realm, In unity, at peace’s helm.

For in your glow, I see a dream, A world of peace, a tranquil stream,

With steadfast heart and quiet might, We guard the deep, through day and night.






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