Welcome to Jellyfish World

Hello, welcome to Jellyfish World. I am an artist and a creator who loves jellyfish. On this site, I introduce the jellyfish and the fantasy works that I created in the world of creation, using jellyfish as a motif. I hope you can feel the beauty, fun, and fragility of jellyfish.

My encounter with jellyfish

I was fascinated by jellyfish when I visited the New Enoshima Aquarium in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. In the tank, colorful and variously shaped jellyfish were gently floating, illuminated by a fantastic light. Since then, I have not only enjoyed watching the jellyfish exhibits, but also enjoyed learning more about their mysterious ecology.

The charm of jellyfish

Jellyfish are creatures that heal you just by looking at them. Their swimming in the water is like floating in outer space. Jellyfish have very diverse shapes, colors, and patterns, and each one has its own personality. Jellyfish feel like artworks that live in the water.

Jellyfish are also fun creatures in terms of their movement. Jellyfish can hardly swim against the water flow, so they sometimes bump, entangle, or overlap with each other. This looks like jellyfish are playing, and it feels like they are living happily in the water. However, jellyfish do not have brains. Of course, they do not have emotions either. But they always seem to be positive.

Jellyfish are also fragile creatures. Jellyfish are made of more than 95% water, so if they get sick, they can melt and disappear in just one day. Jellyfish feel like they are living beautifully in the water because they can only exist in the water.

My jellyfish works

I wanted to convey the charm of jellyfish, so I started making the jellyfish works that I introduce on this site. The works that I have published are expressions of a fantastical and fantasy world with jellyfish as a motif. I imagine jellyfish and humans as peaceful and gentle neighbors who love each other on Earth.

On this site, you can see my jellyfish photos and works. I hope you can have an experience that enriches and calms your mind by touching the world of jellyfish. Welcome to Jellyfish World.


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Jellyfish Worldへようこそ。


Hirofumi Hirayama